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PressureFlo Filter

Algreen's PressureFlo Filter is an ultra-violet clarifier that offers the perfect solution to filtration for ponds under 1000 gallons and up to 2000 gallons. These pressure filters include both mechanical and biological filtration helping keep pond water clean and healthy. U.L listed with a 1 year warranty (excluding bulbs). Our pond filters include an integrated 9 watt UV bulb to prevent formation of algae making ponds virtually maintenance free.


91771 | Pressure Filter, 7 Watt UV
91772 | Pressure Filter, 9 Watt UV

90771 | Replacement 7 Watt UV Bulb
90772 | Replacement 9 Watt UV Bulb

93771 | 2 pc. Replacement Filter for PressureFlo 1000
93772 | 3 pc. Replacement Filter for PressureFlo 2000


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